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BDC Development & Consulting Corp
Specialists in Public Facility Solutions since 1996

About Us

Brookhurst Development and Consulting Corp
(BDC)  is one of the foremost authorities on the full range of alternative project delivery methodologies for public facilities.  Our extensive experience includes all areas of designing, building, financing, operations and maintenance (DBFOM) of social infrastructure projects through public-private partnership (P3) financing and delivery methodologies, including concessions contracts and lease lease-back models.   Our development and consulting divisions Ė Brookhurst Development (BDC Development) and BDC P3 Advisory Group (BDC Advisory) -- are part of a family of related companies founded in 1996, with offices in Newport Beach, Sacramento, Indianapolis and Houston.

Our mission and passion is providing government and public agencies nationwide the ability to use the private sector to develop, finance and operate needed facilities and infrastructure. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals brings nearly 200 years of collective experience in financing, development, design,  construction, and community and public relations, providing both advisory and development services. Through a broad array of public-private joint venture structures, we provide unparalleled expertise to deliver any type of project for public use.


Brookhurst has provided advisory services for nearly $5 billion in public facility developments  for cities, counties, states, public agencies and school districts across the country.  The firmís professionals have assisted Governorís offices, State Legislatures, state and municipal agencies, City Managers, and court systems nationwide.

The BDC Advisory team brings deep experience in municipal funding advisory, real estate financing and development, project oversight, issues management, communications and public outreach. Our professionals have served in executive and senior-level positions in both national corporations and in the public sector, in governorís offices and school districts, on regulatory boards and citizen oversight panels. 

BDC Development is highly experienced in the area of bringing together low-cost financing and construction management expertise.  Our professionals have spent years working exclusively with public agencies building and financing facilities, and bring with them highly interdisciplinary skills and experience from their backgrounds holding senior positions with governmental agencies as directors of real estate and facilities, positions with state and municipal oversight committees, program management, public grants and bond procurement, senior gubernatorial staff, and acting school district superintendents.  

Financing Expertise

BDC is known for our exceptional expertise with alternative, low-cost financing to meet the specific needs of public projects.  With our experience and close ties to the public finance markets, BDC can procure both taxable and tax-exempt funding for development projects, depending upon the needs and funding requirements. This affords BDC the ability to fund projects at rates comparable to what public agencies can obtain.

Our depth of experience reaches far into the private sector as well, and we have the ability to bring as much as $300 million in private equity for public facility funding.  BDC and its principals have closed over $2 billion in commercial real estate financings, acquisitions, development and the securitization of debt and equity for real estate construction and other related transactions.  Our affiliate, Brookhurst Capital Corp, was instrumental in numerous international investment banking transactions including the recapitalization of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a major Chinese-owned landmark in San Francisco, and has been directly involved in excess of $100 million in additional real estate investments.  

In addition, BDC works with public agencies to generate private activity revenue through public-private joint ventures, joint powers authorities and co-investment.

National Presence, Local Focus

Although BDC has a national presence with offices in California, Indiana and Texas, we are highly sensitive to local community concerns, established relationships, and political and regulatory issues.  BDC prefers using local labor and prides itself on proactively incorporating minority and small business enterprises into development programs whenever possible. We work closely with labor organizations and enforce all required prevailing wage and other labor compliance programs.  In addition, BDC understands the needs of elected officials and government agency staff.  We work with our public partners to navigate regulatory approvals, community issues and public and media scrutiny to shepherd projects from initial proposals through successful development and ribbon-cutting.

Services We Provide

BDC Advisory experts help public agency staff and elected officials navigate the complexities inherent in preparing for and delivering major development projects Ė from reaching internal consensus on needs, evaluating and devising financing mechanisms, developing proposals, selecting a development team, and shepherding the project to successful conclusion, to addressing community concerns, generating positive media coverage and building public support.

We also provide Master Planning services, advising public agencies advisory services as to the creation of public-public ventures, joint powers authorities and the solicitation of proposals for public-private joint ventures wherein additional revenues from the private sector may be obtainable.

BDC Development specializes in funding and providing a full range of development services to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, for any type of public facility:

  • Project Funding:  With extensive experience successfully funding projects using tax-exempt, tax-advantaged and fully taxable debt and equity, BDC has the ability to structure funding for any public facility development in any manner necessary to provide flexibility in meeting the financial needs of the occupying agency.  If needed, BDC has access to as much as $300 million in private equity for public projects.
  • Municipal Advisory:  Brookhurst Development Corporation is a Registered Municipal Advisor with the SEC as well as holding a Municipal Advisor designation with the Municipal Securities Rule Making Board.   We are highly experienced in assisting public agencies in procurring the most advantageous funding for project acquisition and development, including the issuance of general obligations bonds, certificates of participation, bond anticipation notes, capital appreciation bonds, tax revenue anticipation notes, and lease revenue bonds.
  • Site Acquisition: The principals of BDC have counseled and assisted numerous public agencies with project site acquisitions in the acquisition of over 45 sites.  Our team has an in-depth understanding of eminent domain and condemnation processes, and we are experienced in turning adverse taking of land into friendly acquisitions.  Brookhurst is also a licensed real estate brokerage firm in California, and can assist with site location and purchase as well.
  • Development Management:  We provide complete project oversight, guaranteeing that projects are completed by scheduled completion dates and within budget.
  • Construction Management:  BDC provides highly qualified project and construction management for all of its projects.  
  • Long-Term Management.  BDC has experienced staff capable of providing long term asset management services on projects we develop.

Facilities We Develop

BDC has the expertise to develop any type of governmental facility. Our experienced professionals know that each type of facility development carries with it unique aspects of funding, design and construction that require a high level of specialized proficiency. The award-winning architects and contractors hired by BDC have deep experience and strong track records in whatever specialized government facility is being developed.  

Examples of the facilities BDC funds and develops: 

  • Adjudicated Youth Centers
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Correctional Facilities and Dentention Centers
  • Courthouses
  • Government Administrative Offices
  • Fire Stations
  • Metro Transportation Facilities
  • City Halls and Civic Centers
  • Public Libraries  
  • Public Parking Garages 
  • Public Sports Arenas
  • Schools and Vocational Facilities
  • Student Housing

Regardless of the public facility need, BDCís seasoned, innovative professionals are ready to assist your agency.